This is a non-commercial information project on the problem of prostitution. Paradoxically, prostitution in our society is stigmatized and romanticized at the same time. Women who find themselves in this sphere automatically become «invisible» and dispraised. At the same time, we can observe daily a huge number of «vacancies» advertising highly paid work in the sphere of leisure, that promise a carefree and pampered life, while the mass media regularly present stories of «success» of girls working in escort, along with expert opinions of people considering legalization of prostitution to be a solution of all problems.

We want to show what prostitution really is. The promises to become a «mistress of lavish lifestyle» in fact devolve into round-the-clock sex services in clandestine brothels; the «high income» depends on one’s readiness to assume constant risks connected with health and safety; the «confidence in the future» is complemented by drug and alcohol dependence; the «freedom of choice» involves perpetual fear that people would learn about the «shameful past». In the sphere of prostitution everything is built on deception: starting with its having nothing to do with real sex and ending with assurance in the advertisements for girls that the proposed work does not involve sex.